Siraj Nuri is a budding star based in New York City. Carrying a repertoire of soulful and melodic sounds, this singer-songwriter is hastily becoming a major contender in the underground circuit. With her debut mixture entitled land, Siraj Nuri bursts onto the scene unapologetically with deeply poetic lyrics and uncompromising style and grace, reminiscent of Lena Horne in he 50’s. With an array of influences that have helped carve her versatile ear, musicians, sings and songwriters alike such as Willie Hutch, Marvin Gaye, Eartha Kitt, James Brown, Sade Adu, Tina Turner, Fela Kuti and the aforementioned Lena Horne have all been a haven and refuge for this artist to adapt her own style and sense of self in her art.


Siraj Nuri was born and raised in Queens New York at a time where new perspectives, new ideas, and new expression in art was booming; A time where revolution in music had traded in its zoot suit, Sinatra hat, and disco ball  in for trademark adidas sneaker, boom box radios and heavy gold chains: At a time known as the 80’s. As music was progressing and testing out its legs to stand, so was this young star, learning very early on that music was something she was connected to. Beginning writing short stories at the tender age of 7, Nuri found herself evolving towards poetry during her early teenage years. Fully entangled with the art of expression for the years that followed, the young talent discovered that she wanted to pursue her passion and become a songwriter. After spending some time out of state, the then 22-year-old decides to move back to New York and do just that in 2005. It was on the journey that she found confidence in her voice and no more than a year later,  Nuri Found Herself among talented musician with whom she formed her first band, The Black Book of Mars. Now a Bright eyed Lead vocalist, she completed her first ep after parting with the band due to creating differences, Nuri set out on a mission to define herself, her way. In 2007 she came across a producer and began recording a set of songs, one of which became a favorite among her followers, aptly titled “Go Far”. By the end of 2008, Nuri embarked on working on what was to become her acclaimed mixtape LAND. Writing and arranging the entire album, Nuri’s project was an instant hit when it debuted in the fall of 2009.  Featuring Music from notable producers like Flying Lotus, J Dilla and Quest Love Thompson, Land was well received by music lover due to its colorful fusion of jazz, soul and Hip-Hop. Siraj Nuri is indeed landing, stamping her arrival and making her mark on a limitless territory.



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