It’s been such a wonderful pleasure making this album and unveiling the many shades of emotions I’ve experienced during its conception.  I’m proud to release this to you on so many levels I cannot even say.  I’d like to thank with deep love, all of the energy and efforts of those who partook on this project.  Big thank you to Kuson Parson, my everything, for your vision, diligence, patience, love and unyielding support.  Thank you for the universal energies that walk w/ me…. This red & blue theme of this project has so many meanings but one of them is you; Our history, our grace, and our strength…. Ayibobo!  Thank you to the talented musicians who shared their creativity w/ me.  I’m grateful for the magic we made.  Thank you to the engineers for expertise.  Thank you, Seth B. Williams, for giving me one of my favorite songs in all the world.  Thank you, with all the love in my heart, to the listeners.  I made this for you, I cried through this for you.  I faced myself and overcame for you.  I please enjoy.  Big Love.











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